A Heart Most Worthy by Siri Mitchell

Title: A Heart Most Worthy

Author: Siri Mitchell

Series: Against All Expectations, #4 (is meant to be a standalone)

Genre: Historical Romance with Christian undertones

Era: 1918 (WW1)

Setting: Boston, United States

Publisher: Bethany House

Source: bought myself a copy at the local library

Time Taken to Read: about three days

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

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April 2017 Mini Reviews


Well, it’s time for another round of mini reviews! 😀

Amazing Grace by Faith Blum


3/5 stars

I was really looking forward to this book, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. First, the timeline was confusing. There were flashbacks (which, to me, are usually a no-no), and it started before the last book ended, which was quite confusing. I also felt like the actual plot ended and the book just kept going on. However, it was very sweet. I really liked Rachel and Caleb.

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A Constant Heart by Siri Mitchell

Going off schedule for a while. Sorry guys. 🙂

Title: A Constant Heart

Author: Siri Mitchell

Series: Against All Expectations, #1

Genre: Historical Romance (with Christian themes)

Age-Range: 14+ (mature teens and adult)

Era: late 1500s/Elizabethan

Setting: England

Publisher: Bethany House

Source: bought (with birthday money) on Kindle!

Rating: 4/5 stars

Content: 3/5. This is so hard to describe. There was sexual content, but nothing (not even kisses) was described! However, this is an arranged marriage story set during Elizabethan times. If you’ve studied that era … well, it was crude and people were … painfully honest about the marriage bed, etc. So … ask your parents, I suppose. It depends on the teen’s maturity level. No violence or cussing.

Cover: 3/5. That … is an interesting pose. And I’ve never loved when the author’s name is bigger than the title. But otherwise, good!

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