Moving Blogs!

Hello all!

I have a huge announcement today!

We’re moving blogs!

That’s right. Reveries Reviews will cease to exist!

Well, not exactly. I’ll still be posting the exact same kinds of posts … only on my other blog, Reveries.

There will be a HUGE launch at the end of this month including a giveaway, lots of interviews, and other fun stuff!

This launch will include a blog tour. If you’re interested in joining this tour, click here. If you’d like to be a part of the social media shot out, click here!

Your subscription will automatically be moved to the new blog. If you’re an email follower, nothing’s going to change a bit. If you’re a WordPress follower, you’ll have to update your settings to receive emails. Other than that, nothing will change!

Thanks and happy reading,

Kellyn Roth