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Want to have a blog tour for the release of your new novel? To launch your new blog? Well, I’m here to help!

I host blog tours on either my blog or on yours (with me still setting everything up). I would also be sharing these posts on my social media.

What is a blog tour?

When releasing a new novel, many authors choose to host a ‘blog tour.’ This is the online version of a book tour. In a blog tour, different blogger post on scheduled days about your book. They may post reviews, interviews, or simply a book spotlight. Oftentimes blog tours have an accompanying giveaway.

A new blogger may also choose to launch their new blog with a tour. These are generally shorter and may have fewer participants, but they are still a great way to generate readers for your brand-new website.


I did a (smallish) blog tour for my novella, The Lady of the Vineyard. It was five days long (see day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, and day 5), and let me tell you, it was fun!

In summer 2017, I did a ten-day blog tour for the release of two of my novels, The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective (first post and final post).

I also helped Hanna Kraft host a brief blog tour to get her book, The New Diary, out there. You can find the kickoff post here.

Why is a blog tour a good idea?

Blog tours help give your book the proper send-off into the great wide world of readers. It’s a great way to get exposure when your book is fresh of the presses, per se. Also, it allows you to reach other through bloggers – who are some of the most passionate book-promoters out there!

For a blog launch tour, it’s a great way to generate an audience quickly.

How long is a blog tour?

It can be as short as two days or as long as a month. It’s up to you. I would suggest somewhere from four days to a week. The length of the novel can also determine the length of the tour!

For blog launch tours, I’d suggest just a few days, perhaps four or five at the very most.

What can I do?

I can do as much or as little as you’d like me to. What I can do includes …

  • Host the tour on my book blog, Reveries Reviews.
  • Set up forms so bloggers can sign up to the tour.
  • Make graphics for the blog tour.
  • Create and organize a blog tour schedule.
  • Help you put together the media package and other info bloggers will need.
  • Send out emails to the participants and interact with them completely – be the middlewoman. 😉
  • Help you organize your giveaway (if you’re intending to have one).

What makes you qualified to help?

I’ve organized two blog tours of my own and one for someone else (as well as consulting for four and answering random questions for maybe half a dozen more).

I’ve observed maybe a hundred blog tours and taken part in several dozen (as a blogger). I’ve seen what works. I don’t call myself an expert, but I promise to do everything I can to get your novel out there and make your blog tour a success.


At the moment, I’m offering this service for only $20 for a tour of up to a week. For longer tours, we’ll talk about the price depending on your specifications.

Note: this price will mostly likely go up in the near future, so book your blog tour now!

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