Content Policy

Reveries Reviews is a blog dedicated to reviewing books that not only are good and expanding for the mind and soul, but clean and God-honoring (though not necessarily Christian fiction).

If you’re interested in having your book reviewed, please read this page as well as my Review Policy before submitting your novel for consideration.

Rules for Books

  • No explicit content. No book can be rated higher than PG-13. Less content is always preferable. The cleaner the better.
  • Nothing that doesn’t honor God. I will not to read books that promote the following themes – abortion, homosexuality, evolutionism, sex out of marriage, or anything that doesn’t respect God if He is mentioned.
  • Nothing that in any way honors sin. An example of this would be saying adultery is all right if two people are ‘in love.’ That kind of thing is definitely not all right.


  • I’m not really bugged by violence/thematic elements (as long as it’s not particularly graphic/unnecessary/put there for the thrill).
  • I will read books with magic, even darker magic, as long as good ultimately triumphs and good is treated as good.
  • I don’t mind seeing heavy issues dealt with in a Biblical way. However, I do believe even the heaviest issues can be shown without explicit content.
  • I will occasionally read books out of my set genres if they honor the other guidelines. This is a rare occasion, but it could happen if the book is clean and overall God-honoring.

Important Notes

  • I always try to give an accurate depiction of the content of the novel in my reviews. Even if it didn’t particularly bother me (in the case of violence or mild sexual content, such as a couple kisses), I list it. Some of my readers may be offended by content that wasn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for me.
  • I will make a note in my review if the content effects my rating. I usually don’t remove stars for content, but if the content effected my enjoyment of the book, then I do so.
  • Thanks for understanding! I know these rules are pretty strict by some standards; however, they are very important to me, and I appreciate your cooperation.

Content Rating

As you might guess, I rate content a little different than I rate other aspects of a book. My content rating goes as follows:

5: 18+. I found the content completely offensive and would not recommend it to any teen (or sensitive adult).

4: PG-15. Parental guidance or at least caution recommended for teens.

3: PG-13. I would recommend parental guidance for younger teens. Older teens, however, should be able to handle it.

2: PG. Mild content. Younger readers may need parental guidance on one or two issues, but it’s fine for all teens.

1: G. Great for all ages!

Note: this content rating system is a new one. My old system was much less disorganized. Reviews posted before 5/16/17 should not be judged by this system.


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