What’s Going on at Reveries Reviews?

I know you’re all used to seeing reviews twice a week just like that (*snaps fingers*), but things are going to change.

First of all, reviews … I love them. I’m a very opinionated person, and there’s nothing better to me than sending my opinions out the world. And I definitely read enough to post reviews twice weekly (or more …), so that won’t be a problem.

But I feel like Reveries Reviews should be more than just reviews. I know, I know … that contradicts the title. But … this is my book blog, friends! I love books. I could rave about books all day.

And what am I doing?

Calmly giving my opinions. In a deadpan voice. You are bored. Read this in a robot voice. It’s more fun that way.

Then write more passionate reviews, you say.

Oh, no. Fangirl ain’t my style. Especially for reviews.

So, in summary, I will now being doing more varied book-related posts on Reveries Reviews.

What will these be? Well, that’s for me to know and you to find out! *flies away on a broomstick, cackling evilly* *wonders how I did that*

~Kellyn Roth~

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12 thoughts on “What’s Going on at Reveries Reviews?

    1. Well, I suppose more accurately I’m not a fangirl reviewer … not lots of screaming involved. 😉 But yes, I do fangirl in other places, I guess …

  1. Aye, can’t wait to see other book related stuff! Will screaming be included in some of those posts at least, as there’s none in the reviews? 😉

    1. And you could definitely add screaming to any vlogs. 😉
      Vlogging is always fun, though! And hey, if you need any help I’ve watched such an exorbitant amount of YouTube videos I must have at least some information in my brain at this point … Probably … 😛 But that’d be fun. XD And anything would be fun to watch.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been kind of wondering what book-related stuff I could do on my blog instead of just reviews… I’ll have to steal ideas from you, if that’s okay. 😉

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